A simple CSS technique for positioning an HTML element with both a proportional offset and a unit offset.
Combined position offsets with CSS
Group related posts in a topic series with a custom taxonomy; embed in your content a list of all posts in the series.
Build a topic series with “Also In This Series”
You can’t go wrong with Font Awesome
An interesting gotcha that I stumbled across recently, sending a 404 response code with a download forced by Content-Disposition: attachment will fail but inline content will still be displayed. This behaviour was tested in both Chrome and FireFox. Of course the appropriate response code should always be sent; this 404 response code was being sneaked in by WordPress and led to hours of frustration.… Read the rest
HTTP 404 response causes forced downloads to fail
Classy, modest. A lightweight WordPress HTML5 theme geared towards portfolio-based blogging, with responsive design for mobile to large displays.
Try a professional look on your WordPress blog
After some fiddling and frustration in trying to embed a Youtube video to play at a specific time with the WordPress oEmbed shortcode, I feel that it’s worth showing what worked for me. [youtube http://youtube.googleapis.com/v/1Qclu5ve7YY?start=121] For this format you put the video code after the /v/ and put your start time as a query parameter ‘start’ in seconds.… Read the rest
How to embed a youtube video to start play at a specific time in WordPress
no spam allowed!
Make no mistake; if you have a web form or comment system on your site, the spambots WILL find you. They will pack the form fields with as much rubbish as they can pump out and try to send it on to you, the site owner.… Read the rest
Stop web spam – trap pesky spambots with a honeypot
A rather frustrating bug that I became aware of when generating navigational menus for custom post types using wp_list_pages(). The list entries aren’t decorated with useful classes denoting the current item, the parent item, and ancestor(s). Read about the issue here.… Read the rest
wp_list_pages() not setting .current_page_item classes on custom post types
css gallery layout
This guide will show you how you might create a gallery layout with “cards” of fixed widths and variable height.
How to make a flowing CSS gallery layout
So Yoast’s Google Analytics for WordPress plugin has a somewhat annoying “bug”, or oversight rather , where it rewrites relative link URLS to full URLs, including anchors. For example, <a href="#anchor"> becomes <a href="http://planetjon.ca/blah/#anchor">. There is more information about this on the wordpress forums.… Read the rest
Yoast’s Google Analytics for WordPress plugin rewrites links bug
In WordPress, when you make a page or post you give it a title and a url (slug). If you decide to change the url later, WordPress has this convenient feature of remembering the old one and redirecting to the new url so that your links aren’t broken.… Read the rest
How to stop WordPress old url redirecting to new url
Prioritize Hooks is a WordPress plugin which allows the overriding of the priority of various filters and actions hooked by plugins and themes.
Prioritize Hooks – my first WordPress plugin