Fully uninstall qTranslate by undoing the content mangling!
How to fully uninstall qTranslate
A workaround for binding to the intended static scope without using the static:: operator introduced in PHP 5.3. The Issue When calling a parent method, we often want dynamic binding to occur so that any method calls and member references made in this parent method will be looked up starting in the true class of the object being invoked and then in the inheritance tree.… Read the rest
Late static binding workaround prior to PHP 5.3
Cutting straight to the point, here’s a quick way with PHP for removing empty values from an array and shifting the indices appropriately. Nothing too fancy but I found it useful at work and figure that I might as well share the tip.… Read the rest
How to filter empty values from a PHP array the easy way
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With the trend shifting from browser plugins to HTML, is Flash doomed as an internet technology?
Flash doomed as an internet technology
Do you know what happens when you add a KeyListener to JFrame to capture global keystrokes? Nothing. Much to my frustration, I discovered recently that KeyEvents are not bubbled up through the JComponent hierarchy by default. The only component that consumes the event is the one currently focused.… Read the rest
Java Global JFrame Key Listener
Don’t Panic! If you are the proud owner of an Asus Eee Pad Transformer and this title applies to you, don’t panic just yet – the battery may not be paperweight. As with many modern devices, the keyboard dock utilizes smart charging, a feature that prevents overcharging.… Read the rest
Asus Eee Pad transformer issue: keyboard dock not charging
Java 8 lies ahead and with it promises of native Collection support. But that’s a while away, we want it now! And with Espresso4J, a small language-augmenting library designed to put a shot of liveliness into Java syntax, we can have it now too.… Read the rest
Espresso for Java – boost your productivity with inline arrays, lists, and maps
Through the necessity to externalize GUI messages in an application that I have been working on, I have come up with a remarkably simple and clean approach for loading key:value pairs from an external XML file or stream. The Class also transparently allows for String interpolation, should it be required.… Read the rest
Loading a simple XML configuration file in Java made even simpler
We’re just not getting what we expected or wanted.
Blog Bogging & SEO Traps: How our internet is being spammed
Today I present to you a PHP puzzler that in fact had me stumped for a day or two. I do enjoy when a language throws a curve ball; it presents an opportunity to gain insight on the mechanics and become acquainted with the nuances of the language in question.… Read the rest
PHP Puzzler: Forgetful Variables
Java 7 is now officially available as of July 28th 2011. The intent of this blog entry is to introduce the new language features. For further details, consult the Java 7 SDK. Binary Literals Underscores in Numeric Literals Strings in Switch Statements Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation Try-With-Resources Improved Exception Handling Improved Compiler Warnings and Errors When Using Non-Reifiable Formal Parameters with Varargs Methods Binary Literals [Official Docs] Long awaited, Java now allows for integral literals (byte, short, int, and long) to be expressed in binary.… Read the rest
Java 7 launches – new language features introduced
Inspired by a thread on Facebook to which I contributed, a few words concerning readable code vs compact code. When writing applications, a common scenario involves setting a variable from some external source. What immediately ensues is a check to ensure that our variable has some meaningful value.… Read the rest
Readable Code vs Compact Code